Proper Meal For Critical Hours…

The World Health Organisation has put to universal opinion the fact that since it is very difficult to find proper food and dietary supplements to cure Covid19 infection,habit of eating and drinking healthy to support largely the human abilities to fight and resist the disordered situations should be encouraged by developing reasonable levels of immunity and resistivity.

The term global pandemic is coined by WHO to indicate the deadly disease of Coronavirus or Covid18 where huge numbers of people are getting infected daily and many cases are proving to be fatal with noticeably low survival rates.In the matters of prescribed food and diet several bio-active food elements and herbs are gaining importance on grounds of supporting in-built immunity system in human physical structures.Since the days of its first infection probably linked with Hunan Seafood Market (Wuhan,China) no cure or vaccine has been developed as a remedy for Covid19 yet. Effective Self and community management is turning out to be the say of the day.

The issues of developing actual degree of sensiblity in Meal-Planning is considered to the greatest possible extent these days.Schemes enabling procurements for longer periods avoiding almost regular visits to marketplaces and grocery-marts and following ups of sicial-distancing are sought everywhere.The adminstration along with the physicians,scientists and reasonably aware frontline social workers are truly coming up with ideas on research-based realities on food and fitness to channelise the communities towards scheduling of healthy habits and practices.The projects of cleanliness of selves and sorroundings are encouraged to prevent ill health.Economy management is sought by purchasing exactly what is required for good health in so far as food items are largely highlighted.

As regards newly-born babies, mother’s milk should be considered as the basic diet upto his month of six and safe nutritional supplements should follow his for his proper growth and developmental process in his first two years of life.Young children should be encouragingly made to consume proportionally reasonsbly elements of milk,fresh fruits and eggs.Regular family diets are preferred to consit of wholegrain ingredients of wheat,maize,rice,osts,pulses and legumes like lentils and beans.As cooking medium low-fat items like sunflower oil or corn oil should replace gross-rate casual use of butter,ghee and mustard oil with reducing to minimize of sugar and salt. Steaming and boiling should be resorted to instead of hankering on frying as methods of cookery.Proper intake of water must be ensured to get rid of several major consequences arising out of dehydration.Tidy,hygienic, cautious and secured modes of kitchen maintenance along with the gadgets and utensils including storage should be adopted and the vast chain of food production along with the system should never be blamed for spreading of germs.

The concern of ulterior concern is to secure pantries with proper food storables both in quality and quantity .The purchase and intake of spicy dishes including condiments and so-called tasty sauces should be set apart along with the habit of random munches as such cases might lead to lower productivity levels, irresistibility and weight gain.The gross-rate acces and consumption of processed foods along with a big no to the world of chocolates,ice-creams,cakes,cookies, chirps and soda should be ensured.The procured items are to be thoroughly cooked and the storables should be properly preserved.Ptoper planning and handling of foodstuffs available to prevent the intake of fastest and tastiest those are usually unhealthy is of utmost necessity.

Last but never the least, during the visits to huge departmental stores or marketplaces,profiled sanitisers should be used after handling the carts and payment keypads those are put to community use.Efforts should be made to consume dushes those are essentially home-made and the visits to favouritefoid-marts are to be reduced to minimum.The water used in drinking, washing and cooking should be pure enough to avoid the risk of getting infected.Alcohol,drugs and tobacco should be totally skipped.Neat and tidy habits like the wash-hand matters along with the prospects of physical exercise and yoga are genuinely preferred as effective efforts to stay strong and healthy.Precisely speaking, proper nutritional levels really assist the distressed human civilization to survive,grow and develop physiologically as well as psychologically.

On The Traits of Successful Living…

A person who does have neither faith nor belief in himself is an atheist,a term that was used traditionally to mean non-believers in God.It is always preferred to have faith in oneself along with following the desirable social norms of following several mythical Gods and just belief and faith can bring about real kind of salvation that can never get entangled with the ideas of sin and its evil consequences.Along with such ideas,it is always better to hanker on development of tremendous will power and perseverance to enter the realm of success with and ability to drink an entire ocean even.Proper level of energetic attitude and zeal to work hard dealing tactically with adverse realities let a person achieve his ultimate goals of living.Enough ability and strength to reach the ends is the felicitation of life towards eternity and weakness is the constant source of misery leading to ultimate doom.Bold individuals never quake to face difficulties and with their all spirits of optimism and positivity embrace the truth in their situational experiences be those agreeable or not.

The humankind, being the children of God,are showered with the virtues of immortal bliss of divinity and neverending trends those crave perfectionism.Sin,in exact,Is nothing but a negativity of stepping towards defiling of human lot and faith is the ideological basis that differentiates the common masses from the celebrated and esteemed lot.Such immortal souls and spirits motivated to move along the path of eternity is certainly deviated from being worldly in the usual and practicable sense of the term.Initiating the highest kinds of thoughts and ideals within the nerve centres of the human structures that are expected to be agreeably rational creations endowed with the cultivable element of readiness termed as ptomptness should be self activated in every ages and societies.The wickedness of certain individuals arising out of miseries and evils in their living conditions and surroundings should not be condemned but be delt with attitude of mercy.The so called sinners should be aided and assisted to improve their distressed living conditions towards betterment and never should be left to get paralitic or inactive.No failures should be looked down upon and all individuals lagging behind should be encouraged to learn from unsuccessful situations,mistakes and backslidings with attempts that strive for subsequent success.

The human beings are their own determiners and the actual power matters belong to them only.Forgetting about the realistic basis of such a proposition, they very much habitually put their hands before their eyes and say that they are in the dark.Actually, nothing is dark, the degrading terms like darkness, weakness and impurity are coined by the negativists and are socially termed as fools.As per positivity,nothing has got to get fetched or purchased, the innate actualities of selves and potentialities are to be realized and cultivated from the inner selves and there should be no brooding on the negative aspects of basic living that has their own ways of taking up the course of degeneration and motivational forces of optimism are the only alternatives towadrs the status of ulterior upliftment.

The supreme values faith,belief, strength, positivity and co-operation are to get induced since the childhood days of an individual along with the supreme elements of faith and belief.The realization of the existence and non-existence what is there and is not there,whether or or not is it(the supreme element)available in the usual modes of perception,marks the virtuous from the non-virtuous as different.The totality of effort imparted in terms of power,energy and forces emanates definitely from ones own self towards development of his innate potentialities.

Almighty has created a physically existing human being along with his physical structure and psychological g1et up acting as the abode of several glorious virtues those should grow and develop free of notions those are superstitious and there should be no false beliefs along the path of glory.Nothing but the own will of unicellular amoeba has transformed him subsequently to higher forms of living,the will that was again added to the will of the Super Creator.

The human being should develop their will-power to the greatest possible extent along the channels of positivity.Fearlessnes should be the motivating inspiration that should be ideologically induced in the minds of the subsequent generations to put an end to degradation in all its forms that would otherwise breed evil.Muscles of iron and nerves of steel will definitely speak in favour of self-footing leaving no scope for moarning.Strong young hearts should be rigid enough to promote both self activity and social welfare before comprehending religious discourses and sports and games leading to proper physiological development take the youth closer to divinity.Soul will be understandable better with a strong socio-economic footing and a background of proper educational set up. A strong level of conscious understanding to act readily with strength,vigour,belief and self-control and bringing about a total and ultimate revolution in ethical and spiritual aspects of building up the backbone of the nation as a whole is then really what is sought to get achieved by the esteemed nation building personalities.

Smart Development of Technologically Designed Cities in India.

Certain modern Indian cities are planning and scheming for getting totally digital through instrumentation, codification and computerisation with mutual integration,co-ordination and interlinking of the strategies along with mutual sharing of available technical resources in all aspects of civilized living.Uninterrupted data generation along with their systematic and channelised exploitation to regulate,manage and organize several spheres of human existence to promote real-life actualities cater to the needs of would-be sustainable citied the are expected to become highly data-driven.Information technology is largely applied in such cities to optimise progress to solve the day to day living problems through technology driven strategies,policies,design and services available from the authoritative sectors with effective,analytical means and methods of application.A novel,illustrative, purposeful and massive in such cities in largely controllable manner along with regular updations to all-round dynamism and effective management of the entire system as a whole.

In a developing country like India,though a huge lot of citizens are still rural and engage themselves in producing primary consumables,the actual economic prospects are centred around city population with constant generations of living demands and supply chains.Big cities are only in position to encourage the aspects of hiring and get hired, brands of products and commodities get developed,advertised,sold and are ultimately consumed.The urban centres only enjoys the benefits of several aspects of commercialisation and consequent competition to capture market positioned close to the residential areas where there are satisfactory levels of exchange of goods and services.The Union Ministry of Urban Development in India along with the governments of constituent federated states initially came up with hundred cities to develop as Smart Cities along with full fledged application and use of technical resources available.

Aurangabad Industrial City of Maharashtra got inaugurated as the. First Greenfield Industrial City in India.Such cities are missioned to serve as models on the basis of which nearby cities as well can develop.Proper aids and assistance from the Union and the state government to which the particular cities belong will be ensured. A special purpose vehicle for each city headed by full-time CEO s will be there.

The Smart City Misson of The Indian PM in July 25th,2015 came up with its proposals of competitions among the cities to get qualified to receive grants ,aids and technical support to develop as Smart Cities and compete first in state-levels and finally in the national.Bhuwaneshwar topped the list of such cities as per 2016 sources.

The very casual and usual aspects of globalisation and liberalisation of Indian cities in the 1990 s accelerated growth and development in financial sectors attracting the job-seekers from villages to migrate to cities and settle their with hopes of better conditions of living.The improve technological prospects are hoped to accommodate to the fullest possible extent both the categories of the already existing residents as well as the migrators. The issue of overpopulation should be handled tactfully to bring about the all-round potentialities of city living.

The modern Indian cities are expected grow,develop to an extent where the residents can really achieve something as regards the benefits of urbanisation in the expected aspects of society, economy, environment with proper integration and co-ordination in power matters.The concept of Smart Cities are to be judged on the basis of developmental urges and prospects,willingness and aspirations of the general population to develop, the resources available for getting developed.The cities under development schemes should take its residents far beyond the mere imagination of technicalities which could have made his life comfortable.In reality, the dwellers should, with all their infrastructural technicalities should be able to act promptly and efficiently to the to all aspects of situational demands to get termed as truly smart and harmonious.

However, reaching the level of ultimate development all-comprehensive policy of action to elevate the actual standard of living qualities is necessary.There should be enhanced popular activities and investments seeking an all-round and balanced growth and development in public life.The learn,earn and live smart while harnessing technical resources as digital and information technologies,urban planning ideas,publuc-private joint ventures, ultimate change of policy and tactics towards betterment along with smart and easy solution to several life problems is has gained ground.

Last but never the least,the industrial corridors amidst gigantic Indian metropolis are already getting developed.The home to the biggest and the most under penetrating market for the global manufacturers is in its way.In the very recent years megacities are coming up with due potentialities in the fields of latest technologies and infrastructure to accommodate massive increment in urban population,smarter management of complex realities,reduction of undue expenses, better level of enhancement in the efficiency matters and qualitative improvement in the standards of living.The new cities of todays India are getting developed around highways connecting the huge gigantic technically developed advanced cities in shrap contract to cities of ancient and middle ages that developed along rever banks.It is finally worth mentioning the several countries like United States, Spain,Japan, Singapore are also coming up with their aids in the Indian ventures of getting developed.

By 2030,six out of ten people are expected to live in urban areas.The city-dwellers and the regional authorities concerned with the maintenance and upkeep of the cities must come up with their pre-planned ways of management on matters of ever-increasing congestion,waste-disposal and pollution issues so that nothing hazardous can affect the smooth pursuance of city activities and utilisation of maximum benefits derived out of latest available technologies possible.Tweny seven cities were to analyzed in-depth in India and the analysis was to be based on three hundred and forty six documents.Co-ordinaion in policy and implementation sought to modernize selected cities contesting for getting selected. To fulfill the aspirations of the administrative authorities and fellow citizens the Indian masses should come up with their initiatives and real urge for self development as well as promote healthy conditions for surroundings to achieve something that can really be termed as smart and progressive.

Adversities and Human Living.

The adversities and obstacles in human lives are to be optimistically overcome and never should there be and attitude to escape… Pessimistic attitudes in dealing with hindrances are always discouraged by the all-time revered and adored and the very easy,simple and clear-cut that positivity enables a lot to learn from difficult situations.The greatest English poet and playwright of all ages William Shakespeare put forward in his As You Like it a phrase ….Sweet are the uses of adversity which comprehends the practicality that adversity ultimately bears positive fruit and sensibile individuals are never in their ways to make efforts to casually avoid the situations those are really not of palate.A reasonable human being never loses his courage and self-confidence and learns consistently from his dark momenents never cursing God for his misfortunes.

A real-life learner actually earns fame and esteem as victorious.It is moreover possible to realize oneself much better in hungry hours of war and crisis than in hours of peace,prosoerity and glory.

Actually,adversity with several of its pisitivities and benefits should never be treated as a tragedy as there are certain practicable values that might get generated from adverse hours of bitter experiences.A bold person with optimistic attitude in dealing with existing situational deamands and necessities that might seem or actually are far away from what is termed as proper, turns out to be prominent as an ever adored and revered individual for his hardy and courageous manners in subsequent ways of looking at survival matters as a whole.A smashing victory surely embraces him and he requires no torch bearers.

Actually,life-page learners with their spirits to encounter the odds earned fame when they successfully came out of problematic situations with wider range of gained wisdom and turned out to be victorious.Societies since past projected a lot on their future visions problems and solutions in their greater interest of humanity as a whole.Self-realization of any individual is much better possible in the bitter days of war and hunger than in the so-called sweet days of peace,prosperity and glory.An industrious individual can only earn the benefits of actualisation of his innate potentialities.

No physiological or psychological weakening no loss of courage and self- confidence should be the say of the day where The Creator should never be and object to curse.Adversity as a element imparting tolerance and patience along with values of situational adjustments along with co-operation should be placed much above what is socially termed as tragic.

Finally,the negativity tagged to the concept of tragedy and the sad mournful hours like the ones of Covid19 should not be treated as totally disagreeable or detested.In the so called hours of reduced inactivity in all spheres of human existence,real efforts are being made by individuals and authorities to come up with interesting ideas that really will not make life dull when access to friends and associates living even in the same city became difficult.

Days and nights,joys and sorrows,ups and downs,pleasure and pain actually provide for a integrated perspective to develop an individual as an agreeable social being.Boldness and attitude to confront disastrous situations add colour to the living experiences of the key personalities created lot whose ventures would have otherwise turned to scrapped usual matters of the group’s of casual followers without any hue.Human lots can really boast of great souls of like Socrates,Christ,Prophet Mohammed, Mahatma Gandhi who faced adversities all time and taught humankind to stick to the path of ethical norms and values principles althrough.

Last but never the least,adverse opinions and rebukes from the sector of the better experienced associates should be accepted as proper means to improve as bitter pills should be swallowed on the grounds of gaining health and recovery.The reality and fakeness of associates surrounding a particular person can be measured to its fullest extent in adverse situations only.Preaching on various virtues and values in the hours of sunshine is nothing as compared to human abilities,calibre and strength judged in the context of distressed actualities.The distressed hour are, finally,the hours of gaining,gathering and sharpening situationally generated living skills like will power,determination,firmness,humanism,sympathy,nobleness etc.and there is and ultimate trend of humankind to move along the path of transcendentalism.

The Indians and Internet..

It is put forward by the researches on availability of internet services since its introduction in India that only 54% of commoners use it today even in an age when android handsets with internet facilities are massively put to use and just before five years it was as low as 27%.

Wikipedia sources reveal that in India,the availability of and access of internet services during its first few years was condoned to the educationists and researchers.Gradually came up the projects of BHARATNET, DIGITALINDIA, MADEININDIA and STARTUPUNDIA to develop internet based ecosgstems. ecosystems.Practicable efforts were initiated and put forward by The Department of Electronics,Government of India and The United Nations Develepment Programm to carry out educational and research activities through properly channelised system of networking.

The VSNL was the first to launch internet for public use in India.Though huge sums were spent on the projections of modems, the freqfrequent beeps and subsequent disconnections proved the improper quality of modems.Still VSNL gained, by the first six months of its public projections,notable range of subscribers.Points of Presence,commonly known as POP s were introduced to cater to the increasing demands of commoners to join as customers or make dxjdying users enjoy better benefits.

The broadband facilities of 2004 came up gradually with progress and development in Indian Information Technology sectors and facilitated several professionals with high graded download speed and the 3g and 4g technologies of 2920 brought about unprecedented changes as regards usability of internet by Indian masses.Today,the Indian users are very much free to select and hanker on internet services provided by various private and public sectors of service providers according to their preferences.Net neutrality matters were considered and MyGov forum sought public opinion,comment and suggestions.

However it is still a matter of regret that the bandwidth of broadband connections available to Indian internet users are not as technically sound as those are to the users in developed countries. Though the Google and Tata Internet Sathi Project gone up to a proper extent in the field of digital education and infrastructural regulators and investments in rural India,75 percent of available broadband connectivity is enjoyed by top 30 technically developed Indian cities.

The Digital days of Covid19 in educational sectors is again very much put to question as in many families, even in the big cities, the young learners could not be provided with proper connectivities(laptops, personal computers or at least androids with netlinks) to join their virtual classes and practically experienced is the fact that the teachers and guides need to handle connectivity matters which require proper expertise and skill other than their subject matters of interest and concern. In many Indian families gross uncertainty in covid19 day earning ptospects,the concerns of bread earners to manage essential commodities for their family members gains priotity along with health matters before they can manage the online requirements for their children. When all the members of a particular community do not enjoy equally the system and set-up requirements for developing their children,the ultimate level of all round practicable national gain is put to a big zero.Even today,inspire of several efforts on national level the benefits of electrical power that runs the electronic devices did not reach many remote villages in the professional domain, the commonly available smartphones prove inadequate for several lengthy assignments though certain categories of work from home facilities can be made available through android Jio,Vodafone and BSNL service providers. In any case the disfunct server connectivity matters are yet to be delt with.

Last but never the least,the contributions of Indian ladies like Rama Devi and Amita Raghu to develop remote villages on their traditional productivity by inducing the digital life to the villagefolks deserve mention.The All-Impact Google challenge winner Mr.Ragesh Jain taught the cotton planters to identify the pests with snaps.The regional languages help available from Google Assistant and the Google mode of paying and accepting payments is no less important.

Chaity Paul.

The socials above average and their select by the lots they mentor…

The purposeful and conscious movemenrs and actions of the universally esteemed motivate tbeir folloers to achueve certain essentially desired goals through their ideologies ogies which are mostly constructive on matters of sincere and active participation through proper channels.Their confident modes of pursuading others at the cause of social and national betterment based on keen observation and proper strategic set up s influence people who really find it urgent to work and act for all round development towards betterment.They incite in the minds of their followers in the existing socio-economic set up an urge to get along with programs and events imparting proper knowledge and skill to reach certain expected level of development in several spheres of living.

Proper follow ups of recommendation s from the better positioned sectors in turn will make the disciplined and industrious individuals set examples and earn esteem.Threats to survival in all spheres of civilized living will then surely get minmized with such active participant groups of followers and getting followed as development of sound physiological and psychological set ups will be found among the social beings.However,blind or casual duplicatins of socially adored ones mean nothing unless there is a proper comprehension about their goals and purposes.

Ptoper selection of particular guides ir mentors in todays world of diversified realities will definitely be instigated by ones level of self-awareness;temperate and induscriminate nature;utmost care,concern,willingness and desire to work for the needy lots including children and aged members of the society;setting real-life examples by sticking to the all-time valued discourses of truth,trust and legality while working hard to achieve the execution of expected sorts of assignments and pre- commitments.

In the ability to to influence the heads ,hearts and hands of the followers and mates lies the success of preachers in any and every srctor of modernized living since past. Someone from an advantageous platform must gain the ability to get trusted but never be a situational manipulator based on grounds like caste,creed,gender or the like.

The individual s seeking life-skill development and haunting for the mentors lot must be determined to build up strong personality traits to earn fame and esteem.In any case,The noble qualities and abilities of some revered godfather or godmother shoud never be blindly imitated or copied but their ever-struggling modes of fighting against the adversities of odds and evils all around,deal with and overcome the strategic hindrances must be considered,realized and sough to the greatest possible extent to secure and embrace success.

It is to be remembered that the dignified adorables are not to be made our concerns of pen scratch or digital fingering admirations …The ideal way to honour them is to realize thdmselves through their lives and ideologies …The aspirsnts must be really find some proper who would cater to his developmental urges and get motivated ideally to follow who really cares and concerns for some or other developmental levels of masses.


The charecters lovable…

SHERLOCK HOMES by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is perhaps the most brilliant detective the worthy readers have ever come across.The creator described his fictitious creation as a tall and lean individual with a shrp mind and love for the sport of Boxing.

Noone could possibly trace the origin of the origin of Holmes with a proper sort of vividness.It could be one of the evenings in the month of March 1885 when young Doyle of age 25 was enquired on certain matters by a police department detective and he had stared his all-time heart-winning detective novel personality Sherlock Holmes through hus first novel ‘Study in Scarlet’.

ROBIN HOOD is favourite to many both in the Eastern and the Western readers especially to the children with his imagery existence amidst the Merry Men in the forest of Sherwood,Yorkshire, identified by his feathered cap.He was habitually robbing the rich of their riches and got the wealh gained in his game of plunder among the have nots in the sociey and could never be called a criminal in the true sense of the term.

THE FAIRY TALE CHARACTERS like SnowWhite,Cinderella,Thumbelina,Sleeping Beauty and THE CARTOON CHARACTEES and Animations like Mickey Mouse,Spiderman,Syperman,Donald Duck,Goofy,Scooby Doo Mowgli,Pokemon,Tom and Jerry,Tweety Bird are never forgettable. The Fairy Tale characters my seem fabrications beyond reality and cartoon s might not be something more than reality from pracability point of view…But they are and will be with civilizations for ever.

Snow White and his seven dwarf mates became popular when Walt Disney flimmed them through his unforgottabe animation in 1937.In fact the world of animations started its journey from his days only…Cinderella set an example to the wide world her readers by forgiving her step mother and sisters when her story ended…Little Mermaid,the national symbol of Denmark,it also popularly flimmed as motion pictures.

Mickey Mouse is the most popular cartoon character ever created by Walt Disney,the chief host at Disney Theme Park.Mickeywas first successfully featured in his Steam Boat Wille and screened in New York in 1928.The voice of Mickey was provided by Wayne Allwine…Spiderman or the man with amazing abilities of a spider was created by Stan Lee for Marvel Comics in 1962 and it became a first ranking comic book publisher in the early 1970.Spiderman became the larget running daily newspaper superhero strip and got featured as an animated television series for the first time in 1967.It ultimately turned out to be immensely popular in mid 1990 s…Scooby Doo revolved round the dealings of four teenagers who moved along in a van called The Mystery Machine with their huge dog as the storyline was characterised and plotted by Ken Spears and Joe Ruby.The show was at first known as Mysterious Five and later it was renamed as Who’s Scared…The popular story of The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling is never to be forgotten. The creation of Mowgli, rearing her up by by pack of wolves in an atmosphere of jungle ventures letting her being able to follow animal dialects is smply unimaginably superb…Tom,a grey tabby house cat and Jerry ,a small brown mouse .Luxurious Tom is disturbed and provocated by Jerry often to chase her.In spite if the fact that Tom is energetic and determined he is never at par with the resonable level of intelligence and wit posessed by Jerry.Adults also enjoy a lot the conest betweem such a pair of concern….Supernan was conceived and finally illustrated as a popular cartoon concept in 1933 by Jerry Siegel and his friend Joe Shuster at there teens.It appeeaed in the action comics in 1838.Other than newspaper strips Superman also popularly appeared in radio,television and big screen movies….Donald Duck is one of the most popular Disney cartoon characters who first in The Wise Little Hen from the Silly Symphony Cartoon.


Asking my worthy Netizens about the topics that might or might not interest them…

Will you be happy with my ideas on Indian School Academics…

Some ideas on Social Studies or English Literature orLanguage or Computers or General Knowledge with which I was accustomed to since my Graduation in Humanities (1993)upto the days of Covid Lockdown in 2020.

I am new in the corporate world and have nothing to share really about my professional experiences…I enjoyed a lot what people said about their professional ventures,their problem s and ways of solving those,balancing workfields with ultimate living standards,how they recruit or get recruited and so on,but I do have nothing to share which might interest them.

Requested experts to help me out in my new venture….People were there sharing with me common platforms like WordPress and Linkedin…

Good enough to agee that the material world shares immaterially as well…in an attitude of better experienced co-workers…. their ideas got accepted and followed with gratitude and thankfulness.

This is my second day with WordPress free for beginners…though I have centuried a half, really not in a position to invest on my writing blogging patterns, God is above to bless me with WordPress platform and someone I considered proper from Micromentor site along with successful working lot from the corporate realities in Linkedin.

Just let me have an idea of the professional arena and build an enhanced circle of networks in the forums that encourage both paid and non-paid professional chats…

Wishes to all


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